Rob Gronkowski Says He’s Cool With Gay Teammate



With Frank Ocean expressing his sexuality in his latest blog post on Tumblr, the talk of homosexuality has been a hot topic of discussion amongst reporters. With Hip Hop being a heavily male oriented arena and focusing on women, the thought of a homosexual man hasn’t been thought of, well its happened, are we ready for others to come out in other male dominated worlds, especially football? Good thing there is Rob Gronkowski because according to Gronkowski doesn’t mind a gay teammate:

“If that’s how they are, that’s how they are,” Gronkowski said. “I mean, we’re teammates so, as long as he’s being a good teammate and being respectful and everything, that’s cool.”

Personally, his answer was in a respectful and tasteful manner to where it wouldn’t offend anyone or make people crucify him. Acceptance of Homosexuality needs to come from oneself and being comfortable in knowing that they are people who deserve the same manner of respect and dignity as anyone else. At the end of the day the NFL is job and someones sexuality shouldn’t come as a qualification.

Homosexuality has been making its staple in movies, music, TV, is the world ready for sports, especially football?

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  • The Gronk parties hard and bangs porn stars so it’s not surprising…he’s just a cool dude…lol

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