Roddy White Tweets in Defense of Joe Paterno & The Reaction is Predictable

One thing should be made clear.

Roddy White has a right to his opinion. It would be hypocritical of me to tell the man he shouldn’t Tweet when I consistently say don’t tell me what to Tweet.

So, I have no problem that he Tweets as long as he understands when he does people are going to react and because he is a public figure the reaction isn’t always going to be positive. He doesn’t seem to care because he Tweets a lot of questionable things, but that is on him. A couple of things he has been forced to apologize for in hindsight.

But, with all that being said he wanted to let his voice be heard about Joe Paterno.

Besides the “rapping/raping” typo he isn’t saying anything that hasn’t been said before. Joe Paterno can’t defend himself, so it is just one of those situations where if you are defending him today people are going to jump down your throat.

If White can handle that then Tweet away.

But, don’t become sensitive when the mentions come back strong against what you have said, because you open yourself up to the right hook.

And Roddy White has suffered many Jermain Taylor Knockdowns via Twitter, but he always comes back and in general sounds like this after the knockdown.


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  • I can barely understand what he is saying.

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