Rosa Acosta Answers Questions on Sex, Love, Fitness & More (Video & Photos)


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I think “vixen” is too generic of a term for Rosa Acosta.  It is one thing to just be pretty, show up in a few magazines and videos, it is another thing to turn that into a real brand.

As you can see from this Hip Hop Wired feature that is what she has become.

The Dominican bombshell, Rosa Acosta is today’s guest as she answers questions on s-x, love, professionalism, fitness and everything in between. 

The lovely lady, who is one of the most popular vixens in Hip-Hop history is  the official face of 9Five Eyewear, and has appeared on  the pages of Maxim, Straight Stuntin, and FHM.She has also stepped into the acting realm on Los Blancos, and is an accomplished modern and ballet dancer.

With a lot of models you see them taking pictures at the club or party and you just assume that is all they are just eye candy.  They get label as groupies or hoes.  While that maybe true for some, it isn’t for all.

No crime in being friendly or taking pictures and doesn’t mean you are screwing everyone in the industry just because you are popular.  If you can take that beauty and turn it into a brand, something tangible that you can control you have the ability to last longer in an industry that is always looking for the next chick.

More young ladies should try to follow Rosa’s path than the Twodel path.