Santonio Holmes Says He Was The “Scapegoat” For Jets Failures

Santonio Holmes said you guys are blaming him entirely too much for the Jets 8-8 2012 season.

“It was playoffs on the line and your best receiver doesn’t get but two passes thrown his way in 60 minutes of football,” Holmes said on ESPN 1050 radio on Monday after practice. “That’s just hard to understand when you want everything just as bad as everybody else does and it just doesn’t happen. And nobody has the answers for it…. but the scapegoat is answer. And that’s what happened.”

So what Im gathering from this excerpt is… Sanchez, pass Holmes the ball.

Holmes further went to say that he was part of the problem and that the media had to much of an influence on the Jets, unlike when he was in Pittsburgh where they were a “close net family and stuck together”.

This interview isn’t nearly as funny as the fact that the Jets Public Relations Department limited Holmes interaction with media to once a week.

“Ten minutes a week,” Holmes told Stephen Hill




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