Shaunie O’Neal Claims Racism At Metropolitan Nightclub During Essence Festival

The question begs…………..

Was this racism or a basketball wife trying to pull rank on her reality show celebrity status?

Shaunie was at Essence Festival having a good time with Evelyn Lozada.  Actually she mentions that she is getting tipsy and she does seem to have a bit of a drunk eye going on in the pic.

Then something happens at Metro to cause Shaunie to advise everyone not to go to the club.

She doesn’t go into detail what exactly happened, but I am sure whatever she says will be different than what the club says.  Could it be that in her intoxicated state she caused a scene and that is what caused a disturbance at the club?

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.

The good news is she didn’t end up like Adrian Peterson.

8 thoughts on “Shaunie O’Neal Claims Racism At Metropolitan Nightclub During Essence Festival

  • I could care less. It didn’t happen. I can get more racisim in the Mid-West than I can in the south.

    Please ….. Your paycheck is still fat…

  • Here’s a newsflash: Racism exists in 2012 and will always exist. The key is we now have the ability to fight racism by using our intelligence and the law.

    Like the poster above said, Shaunie is rich. If she feels she was legitimately discriminated against based on race, then she can lawyer up and file a lawsuit against the hotel.

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