Soccer Player Michel Morganella Calls S. Koreans “Mentally Handicapped Retards”

Morganella looks like he’s just saying the foulest thing in the above picture.

What does any athlete do when they get frustrated? Thats right my dear reader, they express their feelings and frustration to twitter. After Switzerland’s 2-1 loss to S. Korea, Morganella went to twitter to make sure you guys knew exactly how he felt.

The above tweet translates as “I want to beat up all South Koreans! Bunch of mentally handicapped retards!”

And naturally, Morganella quickly tweeted  “I’m sorry for what I just wrote before, it was under the emotions! And I apologize of my behavior”. Afterwards his twitter account was deleted and he was expelled from the Olympics.

Do these athletes not have friends they can text when they are upset? What makes twitter the FIRST thing you write to when you get upset, knowing you’re in the spotlight and there will be consequences?

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