Sources Say……Magic Considering Not Trading Dwight Howard at All

This accomplishes nothing of course.

I understand getting the best deal you can, but at some point you have to understand your girlfriend doesn’t want to be with you anymore, so why are you holding her to the end of the lease.

Get rid of her, so you can move in a new chick.

She might not be as attractive as your old girlfriend, but at least she will be more loyal and pay the rent on time.

But, these are ESPN’s Chris Broussard sources, so take it for what it is worth.

The Orlando Magic have told rival executives that they might not trade Dwight Howard after all, according to league sources.

An executive who has had discussions with the Magic about Howard said Orlando only will trade the star center in a deal that is great for the franchise. The executive said this has been Orlando’s stance for the past “week or so.”

Another executive who has talked with Orlando said he thinks the Magic may start the season with Howard and wait until the February trade deadline to move him.

Each executive left the door open for posturing, noting that the Magic may be bluffing in hopes of coaxing better offers out of opposing teams. But the overriding sense is that Howard may not be moved for weeks, if not months.

In theory this could go all the way to February, which would be a train wreck for everyone involved.

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