Strikeforce Ronda Rousey Says Kim Kardashian is Famous For Sucking D*ck (Video)


I had no clue who Ronda Rousey was until she showed up with all the other naked ladies in the 2012 ESPN Body Issue. At that point it was determined she is pretty and in shape.  Probably best lady out of all that was featured, definitely in the top 3.

We can now can add to her resume that she is brutally honest.

Here is what she had to say about Kim Kardashian.


Kimmy was doing what she does best.


  1. Kim Kardashian net worth, $35 million; Twitter followers 15 million + … Ronda Rousey net worth, ??; Twitter followers 86K. Behold the power of a decent blow job.

  2. Though I agree with her.Shes doing the same thing by showing her body.Like you said no one would have a clue who she is if she didn’t get naked.The lady is blessed though.

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