Terrell Owens Misses Child Support Hearing, Could Be Thrown in Jail

T.O. has fought these Child Support cases for over a year now.

It is hard to see his side of things when he is missing the hearings that could get his payments reduced. So many of Terrell Owens wounds are self-inflicted, he has to stop Plaxicoing him self.

Profootballzone.com has the details.

According to Erica Byfield of WSBTV 2, free agent NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens is $20,000 behind in child support payments and could be facing jail time.

Owens failed to show up for his child support hearing on Thursday and Judge John Goger was very upset, per Byfield.

Owens’ attorney David Hartin told the judge to blame him for Owens not showing up, since there was a communication failure.

The case has been rescheduled for July 19th and if Owens once again fails to show up, he’ll likely be headed to jail.

Wonder how you can have a miscommunication about a court date made weeks in advance? Melanie Smith has been consistent in trying to get her money, she hasn’t cut Owens any slack and he isn’t doing himself any favors by missing court.

Don’t want to end up like Floyd Mayweather tweeting behind bars.

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