Tim Tebow Says Women Don’t Compare to His Mom, So He’s Still Virgin..Allegedly


This is a little creepy, depending on how you look at it.

Tebow is still claiming to the 24 year old virgin and if you want to be his first, you have to fit the following criteria.

“Wonderful news to the millions of Tebow-worshiping young women out there, still hopeful that they’ll be the God-fearing woman this football stud is looking for.

But beyond the religious requirements, and of course the non-promiscuity clause that we assume Tim holds his dates to, what else is this 24-year-old looking for in a woman?

He told us: Someone like his mother and sisters. Tim is close with his mom Pam, and sisters, Katie and Christy.

‘I have been so blessed with having great role models around me, number one my mom and two great sisters,’ said Tim. “It’s hard for a lot of girls to measure up.’”

Tim is probably smashing Mark Sanchez’s leftovers and leaving gift baskets with the bible in them, but I digress.


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