Tim Tebow Working with Former Braves Pitcher on Throwing Motion

While Tim Tebow may not have the purest throwing motion, that’s not stopping him from attempting to improve it.

According to JbSmooth84.com Tebow is working out with former Atlanta Brave pitcher Tom House in California. House has experience as a pitching coach in the major leagues, and to the University of Southern California and currently serves as a volunteer assistant to the team.

Besides being a former major leaguer, House’s claim to fame comes from catching Hank Aaron’s 715th homerun ball in the Braves’ bullpen in 1974.

Albeit working out with a pitching coach is a different approach for Tebow, only time will tell if what he’s doing to improve the weakest aspect of his game has worked.

One thing we can give Tebow credit for is his tenacity to improve and to work on his game; some players can get away with their raw talent and ability without having to work as hard. Tebow for sure isn’t taking the opportunity for granted. For all he knows if Sanchez doesn’t struggle, he may not get a chance to start at qb to prove that he can consistently throw the ball.

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