UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste Not Charged For Beating Up Her Boyfriend Praveen Chandra



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A couple of months back Celeste was arrested for putting her boyfriend in the rear naked choked hold or something like that.  The details of the the alleged incident were pretty interesting.

The arrest report was released on Tuesday and the Las Vegas Sun says the incident between Celeste, 26, and her boyfriend, Praveen Chandra, 34, began in a limousine. Chandra told police that Celeste, whose real name is Arianny Lopez, kicked him in the nose over text messages he supposedly sent to other women.

The argument reportedly escalated at their hotel room at the Wynn. Chandra accused Lopez of throwing two vases at him. Lopez told police her boyfriend choked her and grabbed her right arm.

I wonder how many domestic disputes start over a Text message from another guy or girl? I would venture to say at least 70%.

Luckily for Celeste and Chandra the DA decided there was not enough evidence to charge either of them. As celebration I think Celeste should go sunbathing again, so we can capture more photos of her.


  1. Looking at the glamour shots and the mugshot, it is amazing what (a LOT) of makeup does for these women…

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