Vanessa Bryant Furious & Embarrassed Over Kobe’s Shirtless Club Pics

Poor Bean.

He was just having a good time over in London hanging with the guys and flexing for the ladies, but as most married men will tell you, their wives don’t like them having fun.

Kobe Bryant’s wife has some serious questions about his judgment after seeing pics of him partying with women last week — but that didn’t stop her from flying to London to watch him play in the Olympics.

Sources close to Vanessa Bryant tell us she is “furious” and “embarrassed” over the photos — one of Kobe chatting up 2 women at an afterparty last week in Barcelona … the other showed him hanging with 2 different women in a nightclub.

But we’re told Vanessa’s anger is NOT because she thinks Kobe cheated … instead she’s mad that he put himself in situations where the photos could be taken.

Maybe Bean should have just went through with the divorce, then he could be free to walk around shirtless like Tebow in the rain all the time.

Vanessa already has the houses and is going to get the money, I wonder if he regrets convincing her not to sign the divorce papers now?

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