Vols Tyler Bray Accused Of Throwing Beer Bottles

Tyler Bray has been accused of immaturity in the past, but was recently praised in articles for becoming a leader.

We might have to take a wait and see on the maturity part.

The Big Lead via govolsxtra.com is reporting that the possible No 1 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft has been accused of throwing beer bottles off his balcony onto parked cars.

One of the Bottles may have smashed a windshield.

More via govolsxtra.com

No charges have been filed as of this afternoon in the incident, which occurred at the apartments on 960 Riverside Forest Way.

Kirstie Allen, who resides at the apartment complex, said she called E-911 when she observed two people throwing beer bottles off the balcony. She said she recognized them as the 20-year-old Bray and Michael Grandinetti, a 26-year-old University of Tennessee graduate who formerly worked in the video department of the UT football office.

Allen called police on Monday to report that her car had been vandalized.

Allen went into her apartment Monday to eat lunch about 1:10 p.m., according to the incident report. When she left her apartment about 30 minutes later, she saw that the front windshield of her car had been smashed. She estimated the damages at more than $500.

She told police that she thought her car was damaged in retaliation for her calling the police on Bray and Grandinetti over the beer bottle incident “a couple nights ago.”

Allen said an office manager in the apartment complex told her Bray and Grandinetti had been served with an eviction notice just prior to her arriving home for lunch.

Bray has All American Potential and if he decides to come out could be a top ten pick in this years draft.