WWE Apologizes for AW’s Kobe Bryant Rape Joke on RAW (Video)

I must admit that I have heard a lot worse come out of the mouths of WWE superstars, management and announcers. AW isn’t very established with the company and when the majority of your audience is white, making a joke about a black guy being unstoppable with a white woman just isn’t going to fly.

The WWE has issued an full apology after an on-air personality joked that one of the wrestlers was “like Kobe Bryant at a hotel room in Colorado … he’s unstoppable.”

A rep for the WWE has issued a statement to TMZ … telling us, “A.W. made an inappropriate comment and WWE immediately apologized.”

The rep adds, “WWE has taken appropriate action in the matter.” It’s unclear what kind of “action” the org. has decided to take.

Sources tell us A.W. “felt horrible” after he made the comment … claimed he simply “got caught up in the moment” … and realizes the comment could be hurtful to rape victims and their families.

I don’t like hypocrites and to be honest the WWE characterization of black wrestlers over the years could be seen as inappropriate and insensitive.

AW’s manages the “Primetime Players” for goodness sakes. If CM Punk makes this comment nothing happens and someone even pointed out That The Big Show made a similar comment during a rap battle with John Cena and no one cared.

But, AW has learned a hard lesson, when you are at the bottom of totem pole your rope is short.

Here is video of the joke.

6 thoughts on “WWE Apologizes for AW’s Kobe Bryant Rape Joke on RAW (Video)

  • While yes WWE have done more risque entertainment in the past they are a PG show now. The Big Show reference was when they were pushing the envelope and were a TV 14 show. So of course any reference to rape is a no-no and as much as I’m a fan of AW and his current gimmick WWE had to apologize and do something. I hope they don’t fire him as he is very entertaining.

    • this is old so i dont know if u will even read this response but when bigshow said that it was on smackdown in either 2003 or 2004… smackdown was rated pg then and always has been…

  • Quit complaining about black this white that. If white people had White Entertainment Television they would get in trouble. What about White Music Awards…just let it go and quit trying to bring up racial issues. If you want to bring up real issues, lets talk about our tax money supporting prisons and people on welfare and tell me the demographics of who pay those taxes and demographics of who is actually benefiting from that tax money. Thanks.

    • There is a such thing as White Entertainment Television – Everything that’s NOT BET, Centric or what have you. And there is a such thing as White Music Awards – its called the CMT Awards. Bottom line is, if you haven’t figured it out yet, WHITES ARE CONSIDERED THE NORM – you delusional fool. Thats reality – and you’re only kidding yourself to believe otherwise. And Blacks have been portrayed insensitively by the WWE for some time (R-Truth. Need I say more?)So stay on topic and quit randomly ranting. Its not good for ya.

  • Leave color out of your TV station. There are country singers that are black. Instead of being happy with your freedom, you sit here and continue to complain about everything. If you say it, it’s okay. If a white man says something close to being racial, it’s blown up. As far as R Truth goes, if he doesnt like it, go get another damn job. Its a free country, maybe if AW wasn’t such an idiot he would still have a job. If you don’t like how blacks and whites are portrayed, I would be happy to send you pictures of where your ancestors are from whether you are black white mexican whatever. Or current pictures of how people are living in third world countries. Be thankful you can get on a damn computer instead of crying about racial issues.

    • Who’s complaining? I recognize reality and deal with it accordingly. It seems like the only one ‘crying’ is you. I’m not trying to take shots, but it sounds like you have a personal ax to grind, and frankly I just wish we could stay on topic. I personally don’t think AW was fired because he was black. I think, just as the writer stated, that he was very low on the totem pole, and his rope was short. If someone like The Rock or even Booker T had slipped up and said something like that, I don’t think the WWE would’ve taken the same measures. Period.

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