Adrian Peterson Won’t Wear Knee Brace When He Returns

Adrian Peterson wants you to draft him in the 1st round of your fantasy football draft, but that would be mistake. I also believe it would be a mistake initially to let Peterson run around without a knee brace.

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson told reporters he could practice again as soon as Sunday, but doesn’t want to wear a brace on his surgically repaired knee when he does.

Peterson obviously won’t play in Friday’s exhibition opener against San Francisco, but indicated he shouldn’t be out too much longer.

Peterson had surgery to repair his torn ACL and MCL on Dec. 30, but has no plans to wear a protective brace when he does return.

“It’s just uncomfortable,” Peterson said of wearing a brace. “It is what it is. If I get hit in the knee, it’s like I’m back to normal now. I’m just looking at it like that.

“I’m not trying to have that mentally — ‘I’ve got this knee brace on’ so you’re kind of playing timid or you’re kind of thinking a little more. I’m just going all natural like I’ve been.”

I think Peterson is rushing his return, while I commend his dedication I think the Vikings should slow him down.  Coming back too fast would only make him prone to get injured again.

Wear the brace, take it slow and become a force in the 2nd half in the season.