Andrew Bynum’s Arrival In Philly Increases Sixers’ Ticket Sales

I honestly have no idea how this is going to work out in Philadelphia. Bynum is very talented, but he has always had Kobe and Gasol, so he was never the #1 option.

Being surrounded by two All-Stars always make life easier.

He wanted to be DA MAN and the Sixers fans are as curious as I am to see how this plays out.


The Sixers were bold this summer and moved Andre Iguodala to bring in the second best center in the NBA — Andrew Bynum. We have yet to see how that meshes on the court — it should work out but this is the most pressure Bynum has been under, he’s the leader — but it is working out well off the court.

Ticket sales are through the roof in the City of Brotherly Love reports Darren Rovell for ESPN.

Friday, team CEO Adam Aron told the Sixers have doubled their season-ticket base (92 percent of season-ticket holders renewed with some prices raised) and quadrupled sales of their 10-game plans as compared to last year.

Sixers are also adding more dancers, maybe I was the only one who cared about that.