Australian BBall Player Liz Cambage Snitches on Kobe Bryant & Stephanie Rice Creeping

How are you going to snitch on your teammate like that?

Maybe Liz mad Kobe didn’t put the moves on her?

The suggestion is that Kobe and Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice was getting cozy, this is where Larry Brown Sports takes over the story.

Rice and Bryant took some pictures, including the one seen above which the swimmer shared on Twitter and Instagram, along with the message “First piccy with a “star” going to be hard to beat… Kobe.” Rice was also pretty excited about an autographed pair of sneakers Kobe gave her, and he received some signed swim caps as part of the trade.

Fast forward to the second week of the Olympics and the closeness between the two continued. Bryant was spotted at the velodrome on Tuesday watching some cycling along with Rice.

swimmer Craig Stevens told Triple M’s “Grill Team” on Wednesday “There’s definitely something going on.”

“I remember her telling the story [of] how he put it to her… that he had the family coming the next day but he had that night free,” Stevens told Triple M.

This is a lot of snitching going on with no proof.  Maybe……………..

Kobe and Rice are just friends.

I am serious, why are you guys laughing?

Stephanie Rice had her own bit of controversy before the Olympics & also likes to train on a Stripper Pole, unlike Lolo Jones she doesn’t seem to mind the attention.

7 thoughts on “Australian BBall Player Liz Cambage Snitches on Kobe Bryant & Stephanie Rice Creeping

  • After googling some pics of Elizabeth Cambage, it’s hard to believe she would even like men. So I doubt if she’s jealous over Kobe hollerin at Rice.

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