Basketball Wives Star Eric Williams Twitter Rant on Evelyn Lozada Head Injuries

Short background story on all of this.

Eric played in the NBA for over a decade. He was married to Jennifer Williams one of the original basketball wives. He became a celebrity on the show for basically putting Jennifer in her place (caveman style). Evelyn who at the time was Jennifer’s friend continually told Jennifer she should divorce Eric. Eventually Jennifer did divorce him and after that happened Evelyn and Jennifer began beefing over Jennifer allegedly being jealous about Evelyn and Chad.  Naked pictures were released of both Jennifer and Evelyn while all this was going on.

Once Chad and Evelyn had their domestic dispute, Eric went to Twitter to give his thoughts.

Williams has continued his Twitter assault for the last 24 hours non stop. I don’t think Domestic Violence is anything to joke about, but Williams is saying a lot of things that a lot of people are thinking.

This goes back to my point that when you live in the reality show spotlight, you have to be able to handle the shine during both good and bad times.

Evelyn and Chad both benefited from being in the spotlight, now Chad specifically is being burned by it.

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