Beverly Shiner Says She Had Affair With Chad Johnson

We saw this happen with Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant and others.

When there is an incident such as the one that happened between Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada, you will have women the pop up searching for their 15 minutes of fame.

Some of the women are credible and others not so much.Here is Beverly Shiner’s story and you make the call if you believe her or not.

Beverly Shiner, 30, made the groundbreaking revelation to that she dated Johnson from January until May this year, during which time Evelyn was elbow-deep in wedding plans – and she claims that the unabashed adulterer didn’t even try to hide his deceit.

After first making contact by following him on Twitter, Shiner claims that 34-year-old Chad sent a personal message to her with his number inviting her out for dinner.

“I Googled him before we met and saw he was engaged, but at the time there were reports that she had broken it off because she thought he was cheating, so I assumed they had split up,” she told Radar.

But when she got over to his Foxborough, Massachusetts, home she found women’s toiletries in the bathroom and realized they were clearly still very much a couple.

“While I was there he called Evelyn and asked if she could order a pizza to be delivered for him, and even had her pay for it on her credit card,” Shiner told Radar. “I thought it was odd and wondered if she was really his fiancee or just a secretary.”

Mother-of-two Shiner revealed that despite her initial suspicions she still slept with Chad that fateful night in January, and alleges she went on to have a relationship that lasted over three months.

The affair finally came to a head in the beginning of May, Shiner claims, when after spending a passionate night together, Beverly was heading back over and he didn’t reply to her texts or calls.

“He had asked me to come over so I drove there and knocked on his door and he didn’t answer even though I could hear his X Box playing. Then I texted him the next day and he didn’t apologize,” she told Radar.

“I got upset and told him, ‘You are not the guy I thought you were,’ to which he replied that he had been sleeping and warned me, ‘You’re overstepping your boundaries a little bit. I’m not your man, keep your comments to yourself.’”

If you are going to make these type of accusations to garner attention you should give some evidence.

Where are the screenshots of texts or DMs?  Where are the photos of her and Chad?  Are we just suppose to take her word?

We all know athletes cheat, but if you are going to accuse someone of having an affair with you, you should bring something to the table besides your words.  There is no way she could have had a five month affair with Chad Johnson without one single shred of evidence backing up her story.

Portions of her story don’t add up.  She had to Google to find out he was in engaged.  That wasn’t something that hidden Chad Tweeted about that often.  Why would Chad have Evelyn order a Pizza if he was already at home with his alleged mistress?  I am not calling her a liar, but she needs to show some proof.

Even if it is true, Shiner knew Johnson was married from the beginning and still engaged in sexual activities.  If she was so upset why did she wait until the drama between Chad and Evelyn broke out?

I think you know the answer to that.

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  • ill. absolutely ill. I agree with you tho Rob. Everyone wants to be a star now. Can only expect 20 more to try and pile on. wonder who will be the first to retain Gloria Allred.

  • Ask her specifics about the toiletries there’s your proof.

  • I thought he had an affair with this avatar looking ass bitch

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