Bills Thought Tarvaris Jackson Could Pick Up Offense Faster Than Vince Young


Vince Young was so inconsistent and slow in picking up the Buffalo offense, that the Bills had no problem paying Tarvaris Jackson a bit more money to be a capable backup.

Jackson is a strong armed quarterback who is accustomed to playing in a quick passing system.

Young was unable to be consistent with the thought process of the offense.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that Jackson will make $1.95 million this season, with the potential to make upwards of another $1 million based on incentives.

Young on the other hand had a deal that would have paid him $1.25 million.  Even with bonuses and incentives, Young only would have made a total of $1.65 million.

The fact that Jackson himself has been madly inconsistent in his three stops since being drafted in 2006, and still was seen as an upgrade tells you all you need to know about Vince Young at this point in time.


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