Bin Laden’s Translator Says Lebron is a “Bad Man”; Wants Apology for The Decision


I tell people all the time there is a difference between being a star and a Superstar.

You can be a star in your league, but not a superstar. To be a superstar you have to have a bigger reach that extends well beyond the court or the field.

Case in point.

While most of world has moved on from James making choice of playing for the Miami Heat a couple of summers ago, there are a couple of exceptions; residents of Cleveland, and Guantanamo Bay detainee Muhammad Rahim. Rahim is an Afghan man who was one of the translators of Osama bin Laden.

Through is attorney, Carlos Warner, a letter was released with his feelings about James’ move from Cleveland to Miami.

“Dear Mr. Warner!” Rahim wrote to Warner, who is from Akron. “Lebron James is very bad man. He should apologize to the city of Cleveland.”

Warner believes Rahim’s sense of loyalty originates in his tribal values, where “betrayals are not tolerated or forgiven, although an honest apology from an offending peer is valued.”


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