Bull Smoke: An Electronic Cigarette Solution That is No Bull

With the hazards of cigarette smoking becoming more evident, not to mention more difficult to do publicly and more expensive, electronic vapor cigarettes have increased in popularity as a way to still get the sensation of smoking without some of the negative effects.

Bull Smoke Brand Electronic Cigarettes have emerged as a leader in the “e-cigarette” market, Martin Giles, General Manager of Bull Smoke, joined us for an interview to give us a little information on his product. This is a sponsored post and all opinions expressed are those of Mr. Giles and Bull Smoke.

You can purchase Bull Smoke on their website where you can also sign up for their Bull Buck$ Rewards Program to receive discounts for repeat purchases. Readers can enter the code BSO to receive 15 of their first order.

Martin, can you explain a little about the decision to develop Bullsmoke Electronic Cigrarettes? What prompted your entrance into this emerging market?

Cancer has affected people close to me, and it was caused from smoking. This is something that really hits home, and while I’m not here to make health claims, everyone around me has welcomed an electronic cigarette smoker in their homes. A tobacco smoker, not so much. Bull Smoke is so convenient and can be smoked “anywhere,” and if we can help get rid of second hand odor caused by cigarettes for good, the world will be a safer place.”

Bull Smoke touts an innovative two piece design, how does this set it apart from older systems?

Older systems required three pieces. They didn’t screw in well together and had many defects. Most of the large, respectable brands use a two piece design now and the three pieces went out of style with the discman.”

You currently offer two starter kits, what do they include and what are the differences customers should know about?

They both include everything one needs to get started smoking electronic cigarettes. All necessary chargers to power the two accompanying batteries, and even 10 cartridges. The Ranch Hand gives people a sampling of our tobacco flavors and strengths, while our City Slicker offers a variety of tasty flavors. While these are popular products, we’re always helping customers make a custom order so anyone who wants to build a kit from scratch can inquire and we’ll do our best to help craft the perfect kit.

You mentioned Bull Smoke cartridges come in a wide variety of flavors and nicotine levels, what are some of the more popular varieties?

The American Rangers are the most popular. Bull Smoke has always been a brand that makes no bones about our desire to appeal to the true tobacco enthusiasts, and we remain really popular due to the fact we sell 24 mg (2.4% nicotine) cartridges. Our grape flavor gets rave reviews as well and with vanilla and coffee they are the best selling exotic flavors.

Do you think people who buy Bull Smoke use it more for smoking cessation or smoking substitution?

There is no question Bull Smoke is a great substitute and most people buy electronic cigarettes in general for the ability to smoke “anywhere.” However, we have had customers wanting to kick the nicotine habit and their plan of attack is to limit the nicotine intake over time, gradually making the move to a nicotine free cartridge. Many people smoked cigarettes for so long that the action of smoking and blowing out a cloud of vapor is something their body craves and it feels normal.

You recently launched BuckShot Disposable E-Cigarettes, can you tell us a little bit about those?

The “BuckShot” offers people a chance to try our best selling flavor and superior battery technology before jumping into a starter kit. It’s also our product that is going retail. The Buck Shot is available in select gas stations and convenience stores, mostly in Latin America at the moment but we’re starting in New York this fall at a chain of 45 gas stations.

Bull Smoke has developed a following through social media, how have you used outlets like Facebook and Twitter to build the brand and the community?

“Vaping” is definitely a community. People share the interest in electronic cigarettes together, and social media has become a big part of keeping our family close. We’re very active in social media and have gained quite the following.

You can follow Bull Smoke on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

What other innovations can we expect from Bull Smoke in the future?

We’re working on a personal charging case to replace our first edition “Bull Pen.” This product is going to be similar to an iPhone and will be able to charge batteries on the go as well as charge an iPhone. We’re always improving our battery technology as well, and we feel we have the best electronic cigarette battery on the market.

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