Cam Newton Looking for a Girlfriend, But One Not Interested in His Fame or Money



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I try to keep the ladies happy.

They are big supporters of BSO, so no matter if it is Ryan Lochte, Ryan Bailey or Cameron Newton, I will help quench their thirst.

Cam Newton is available.

“I wish I did,” the magnetic Carolina Panthers quarterback said during a recent sit-down interview with USA TODAY Sports. “I’m looking for one. You got somebody for me?”

Gold-diggers need not apply. Newton, 23, says it has been difficult to find a soul mate because he has sensed many of the women he has encountered are primarily attracted to his money and fame.

“It’s a cliché for people to say you have to be on alert,” Newton said. “But sometimes, that is the case. You may see a particular female who’s attractive, but you already sense it.

“I pray for discretion every single night, that I can see through people, see what their greater good is. Sometimes that individual ‘wows’ you by the eye, but when it come to heart to heart, that person’s not there for you. That’s not just females. That may be friends, people who come into your life just to use you for who you are.”

Cameron has been seen with a few ladies here and there, but no one long term, so there you go ladies.

If you are a decent woman who isn’t interesting in Cameron’s money feel free to apply.


  1. i would to have a chance to meet this beautiful man. To see if he has the gentility, that we often get a short glimpse of,. Like the time he gave that little girl with THE MRS NEWTON”
    on her jersey. Do you guys remember that? that was way to cute. I have became a bigger fan since…..ON another note……WHere is this sign up sheet…lol? Good luck to all of us…What are the chances????

    • Sorry…I did not finish my sentence…The time he gave the ball to the little girl with the jersey that had “MRS NEWTON on it. Apologies.

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