Cardinals Fan Who Shot Raiders Fan in the Face at Preseason Game Not Arrested

Maybe the police felt bad about the Cardinals QB situation and decided to give the fan a break. Normally, if you shoot someone in the face regardless of the reason you get arrested, but not in this case.

According to Matthis Gafni of the Contra Costa Times, the shooter was a 57-year-old Cardinals fan.  The victim was a 30-year-old Raiders fan.

The Raiders fan was wearing silver face paint, and he was shot in the face.  The shooter, who has claimed that the incident was the result of an accident, has not been arrested.

“What we can tell you is that there was not enough compelling evidence gathered on scene, through statements or physical evidence, to make the investigators comfortable with an arrest on the 57-year-old male,” police said, via the Gafni.

During the Raiders vs. Cardinals preseason game there were 14 arrests for fights inside the stadium, so the fans are in regular season form.