Carmelo Anthony Says He Was Only Called Selfish Because of Jeremy Lin

Carmelo is severely uninformed.

He has been called selfish for a LONG TIME, well before Jeremy Lin had his good month of basketball.

But he pinpoints exactly when the “Anthony is selfish” meme began.

“Let’s be frank about it,” he said. “When it comes to the Knicks, we’re talking about one particular point in time. We’re talking about the whole ‘Linsanity’ thing. That’s when it started. That’s when it started to escalate as far as people saying I was selfish.”

I don’t think Anthony is a selfish player, I believe people expect too much from him. He isn’t a franchise player and he isn’t a very good all around player.

He is an elite scorer when you cater to his needs. He can’t adjust his style and won’t. If you play to his strengths, he will be very effective, if you don’t he will pout.  Nothing complicated about that.