Chad Johnson Likely to Be Served Restraining Order To Stay Away From Evelyn Lozada

Considering the two have a big reality show contract with VH1, not exactly sure how this is going to work. Unless the domestic charges are dropped fairly quickly Chad might not just be out of a job, but also out of a reality show.

The question begs did Chad truly assault her or was it it an accident?  If he did assault her on purpose he deserves whatever punishment  he receives.

If it was an accident or Evelyn was the aggressor she needs to come forward with that info, Chad’s professional career on and off the field will be in serious jeopardy.

Johnson remained in jail as of late Saturday night, and was likely to be transferred to Broward County Sheriff before midnight.

Engle said Johnson would not be released until he appears in front of a judge, which could be as late as Monday morning.

Once released on bail, Johnson will likely be issued a “stay away” order and he’ll have to avoid contact with Lozada until the charges are resolved, which could take months.

Johnson could make bond as early as Sunday morning.

While many NFL players get arrested (multiple times in some cases) and teams put up with it, Chad has put such a spotlight on himself he might not be able to survive the media crush and more importantly the Dolphins might decide he isn’t worth the attention he is bringing on the franchise.

His spot on Dolphins I would say is literally hanging on by a thread.

8 thoughts on “Chad Johnson Likely to Be Served Restraining Order To Stay Away From Evelyn Lozada

  • Um, Robert I’d seriously think long and hard about omitting or reworking the phrase: “The way I see it if Evelyn doesn’t take the fall for this, Chad’s professional career on and off the field will be in serious jeopardy.” Domestic violence, if valid, is no joke. So, you encouraging a woman of color to put her man’s interest ahead her own is not a good look (unless that’s what you’re looking). That’s why law enforcement continue to investigate and even prosecute w/o the cooperation of the alleged victim b/c too many victims back out out of fear or intimidation.

  • Get married to an obviously mentally unstable woman after six months ?

    You idiot!!! What did your mother or father tell you after meeting her ?? Didn’t they pick up on her mental instability ?

    You can probably kiss your NFL career good-bye… Behind a Woman !!!

    You idiot !!!

    • You Idiot. You just killed your money train.

      I’ll say it again:

      Athletes, do NOT marry until you are out of the game. Live a modest life and find a Babe who never even knew that you were even close to having some sort of fame at one time.

      This way you’ll know that she loves you, for YOU….

      He’s toast with the Dolphins/NFL (I’m willing to bet on it).

      IDIOT !!!!

      • I totally agree with you. With training, travel, practice and the regular schedule, its so hard for athletes to maintain any real relationships.They can settle down in their mid to late 30’s with a lil dough in their pocket.

  • ..evelyn is grade A quality but he’s gotta know better..after all, she tells the whole world he proposed over a game of FiFa on PS3..she taken notes, CMON MANNNN!

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