Chad Johnson’s Ex-Girlfriend Wants to Meet With Evelyn Lozada

Any time you are a high profile person and you get arrested your entire history will be display for the world to see. Chad Johnson had a previous domestic violence conviction over a decade ago.

The incident was with an old college girlfriend.

The girlfriend now wants to speak to Evelyn Lozada, she says to help with the healing process and probably to get some public recognition.

Sources close to the former girlfriend tell TMZ, the woman has been attempting to reach out to Chad’s wife Evelyn Lozada on Twitter and Facebook — ever since news broke last weekend that Chad had allegedly attacked her.

We’re told the ex-GF believes she and Evelyn have a lot to talk about and can help each other heal in the process.

While it is fair game to bring up Chad’s past, Evelyn past should be on display as well. You want to have a fair process for both parties before coming to a conclusion about who you believe.

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