Charles Oakley Says Carmelo and Amar’e Don’t Make Their Teammates Better

Oak has had a lot of strong opinions on some of the current players in the NBA. Honestly, they have been spot on. Especially the one about Dwight Howard being a cry baby.

He had a few things to say about Melo and Stat. Carmelo answered the only way he really could.

Charles Oakley was the latest to call out the Knicks stars for “not making their teammates better,” but Anthony dismissed it Friday.

“I didn’t really hear exactly what he said but at this point it really doesn’t matter,” said Anthony, who, when asked, even offered Oakley cases of the energy drink he endorses.

“It doesn’t matter what he said.”

Melo channeled his inner The Rock with that line.

It is a show and prove league, the only way Melo and the Fire Extinguisher Killer can change their perceptions is on the court.

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