Chauncey Billups Says Lakers are “Stacking the Deck” with Super Team

Trash talking is apart of the game and will remain, but sometimes players can sound bitter when they try to throw shade. Case and point, Chauncey Billups of the Los Angeles Clippers was asked about the what the Lakers and their latest moves acquiring Steve Nash and Dwight Howard;

“They are trying to stack the deck over there, but I tell you what I’m very pleased with my team and what we’ve been able to do and I will just say this, don’t nobody scare me, man.”

While Mr Big Shot my not be afraid, sure sounds like his comment on the Lakers is drenched in Lawry’s seasoned salt. Don’t be mad because your team lost their GM during what can be said is the most important season of the franchise and the Lakers GM found a way to bring upgrade to the best center in the league.