Chris Paul Says He’s Best Player in LA and in The NBA

At least he admits he is biased in his thoughts.

With questions like this, I don’t know what the player is suppose to say. Doesn’t really sound right to think you are the 7th best player in the NBA. Even if you are the worst player in the league, you have to believe you are better than Lebron or how will you ever get better?

Chris Paul has competition in Los Angeles as to who the best point guard is, but when asked the question by Dan Patrick on Fox Sports Radio he didn’t hesitate to answer.

“I’m a little biased.” He said confidently in response.

CP3 knows he’s the best player in L.A. but when asked who the best player in the league right now is he responded the same way, “I’m a little biased.”

Patrick sounded surprised CP3 answered the question the same way, asking again “You think you are the best player in the NBA right now? I like that.”

2 thoughts on “Chris Paul Says He’s Best Player in LA and in The NBA

  • He’s not even close, unfortunately. Let’s look out for symptoms of DELUSION!

  • Everyone is entitled to their opinions on this matter but people should at least consider that CP3 sees all and as far as all around statistics and talent and moves he is certainly in the Lebron and Kobe category. What sets him apart from all these other superstars is his ability to make the entire team better.

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