Columnist Phil Mushnick Says Black Uniforms are Menacing & Are “Gang Fashion”


About once a month Phil Mushnick says something borderline racist, creepy or ignorant and the mainstream media and his employer just lets it slide.

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Deadspin reports on Mushnick latest quotes:

And what a coincidence that dozens of pro and college teams that have abandoned their traditional colors – even schools such as the St. John’s Red Storm, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and the Harvard Crimson – to sell their souls to Nike, which has replaced the team/school colors with black.

At least some of the sellouts have the decency to admit black appears “more menacing” and/or helps recruit “student-athletes” – those who would choose a college based on uniform colors. Hey, you don’t wanna be caught dead, if you get my drift.

Significantly, these new, gang fashion-approved Giants jerseys are not knock-offs; they carry the licensing logo of both the NFL and the NFLPA. Their marketing divisions know what sells, and why.

After all, what makes gangsta rappers so appealing to sporting goods companies that they’d provide them their own lines of sneakers?

Mushnick has a weird obsession with Jay Z that he can’t seem to let go. Last time I check most suits are blacks, so would that also be considered “gang fashion”?

I can see Mushnick points, but he is so far gone in hyperbole how can anyone take him seriously? I know I can’t.


  1. I happen to be a white guy who visits your site every day. I read Hot Clicks and followed a link one and have been hooked ever since. This guy needs to be exposed. Every news outlet in America should put this man’s racist antics out for the world to see. How this man keeps a job, or his life, is beyond me.

  2. Mushnick has a weird obsession with Jay Z that he can’t seem to let go.

    You mean kind of like you and Kim Kardashian?

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