Cowboys CB Morris Claiborne Being Criticized For Not Playing Through Nagging Injuries

Being a Cowboys is different than being a player on any other team. You are a star before you have proven anything and if you aren’t mature and discipline enough to handle that attention, no matter how talented you are you will under-perform.

It has happened to Dez Bryant and if Mo Claiborne isn’t careful it will happen to him.

Pro Football Zone has the details.

“Mo Claiborne’s got to get out there,” Jones told the Elf & Slater Show on 105.3 (via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News). “The times he’s been out there, it’€™s been impressive. But he certainly can’€™t make the club in the tub, if you will. He’s got to get out there. It’s time. We got to start having a mentality that we’re going to play through things.”

“You don’t ever see Jason Witten missing practice, and he’s going on 10 [seasons]. He just won’t miss. So, we got to have the young guys step up and play better,” Jones added.