Cowboys Think Demarco Murray Can Be Next Emmitt Smith

The days of the Emmitt Smith style running back are coming to an end. I think Murray is going to be very good, but before anointing him with the title of Box Curl’s successor, let’s see if he can last a full season.

Running back DeMarco Murray was better and faster than anyone expected. He showed a better ability to avoid contact than he did in college and an ability to run between the tackles. He looked like a “cornerstone back” to use the phrasing of Greg Cosell of NFL Films. And that’s exactly what the Cowboys expect out of Murray now.

“There are those in the Cowboys‘ organization who believe Murray has a chance to be one of the great ones, like (Emmitt) Smith and Tony Dorsett,” Clarence E. Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram writes.

2 thoughts on “Cowboys Think Demarco Murray Can Be Next Emmitt Smith

  • Don’t do that to the guy! He is not Emmitt Smith or Tony Dorsett. He’s had one good year before he got hurt and earned his spot. Let those legends remain intact and let Murray have his own long career (hopefully)!

    • go boys!

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