Creepy Reporter Phil Mushnick Wants to Know Why Gymnasts Have Small Breasts & No Hips

I would say I am surprised, but Mushnick is the same writer who was allowed to say the Nets should be called the Brooklyn Niggers because he doesn’t like Jay Z.

Considering a lot of gymnasts are teenagers this seems to be some odd questions that an old man would ask, but the NY Post ran it any way.

This weekend, Mushnick asked the following questions about female gymnasts at the Olympics – mind you, girls that range from 16-21 years old:

1) Why, in their mid-teens to early 20s, are they almost all tiny?

2) Why are they so under-developed? Virtually no breasts, no hips, no natural physiological — or just plain logical — progression.

3) Why do so many have squeaky voices, the voices of 10- to 12-year-olds?

4) Why do so many have chalky, pallid complexions, as if just pulled from a freezer?

It appears to me that Mushnick is focusing on some weird things for an old man. They are kids, first and foremost so who brain works like that when they are seeing children compete?

I hope this was just for shock value.

2 thoughts on “Creepy Reporter Phil Mushnick Wants to Know Why Gymnasts Have Small Breasts & No Hips

  • I actually asked these same questions on twitter a few days ago. The answers were fairly simple but I dont find the question to be THAT controversial. I think its just the fact that they’re young but the reality is 16-19 isnt young in terms of physical maturity.

    Given that, among the answers, is that gymnasts are forced to endure a lot of stress/exercise…to the point that it retards the hormones that would influence physical development, I wonder if raising the issue of what these kids are being put through, in order to achieve, isnt something we’re overlooking as a society.

  • Please tell me you’re not this stupid Mr. Littal. You don’t see the point Mushnick was trying to make? Clearly your moronic opinions are just for shock value.

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