Derek Jeter Dating 22 Year Old Model Hannah Davis (Photos)

Derek Jeter has excellent taste.

I wish he would write a book for all athletes on how to deal with woman. Would keep them out of trouble and a lot of money in their pockets.

Derek Jeter’s love life is heating up. The ultra-private Yankee shortstop was seen out with green-eyed Ralph Lauren model Hannah Davis Monday night

“They were flirting, having a great time, and were sitting close together,” says a witness who saw them at Meatpacking hotspot Double Seven for the last Avenue A Soundcheck bash of the summer.

“They are an item on the quiet,” says another source. “Derek and Hannah left separately, but she met up with him again later.”

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  • Well, Derek, she is a beauty and all I hear a great things about her. Maybe this one will break your heart….. or not.

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