Desean Jackson Upset He Is No Longer Primary Punt Returner

With Desean Jackson no longer the primary punt returner, he wants Andy Reid to remember him when they need a big score.

“I play wide receiver, don’t get me wrong,” Jackson said. “I have to be focused on wide receiver. But as far as punt return, I told coach Reid he can’t take me off of that. I might not be starting throughout the whole game, but here and there at spot times when they need me to go in there and spark the team up and make a big return, that’s what I’m going to do. But we have to game plan for all of the other teams; there are 31 other teams so we can’t just let them know what we’re going to do.”

Jackson hasn’t scored a punt return touchdown since December 2010 against the Giants. Last year Jackson only averaged 6.7 yards a return. With Damaris Johnson and Brandon Boykin, I don’t know how often Reid is going to use Jackson.