Do You Have Your Keys to Fantasy Football Success?

In Fantasy football, you are in control, but you can’t control your destiny. The players you draft have that control. It doesn’t stop there, the offensive line of your running back controls how many yards he’ll get. If the team they’re playing against has a tough defense, they are also in control. Naturally, your player also controls his own destiny, whether he’s dropping back for a pass, making a cut to the left or right or making that one extra step that’s going to break him free. When you put in your line up, you’re making the decision based on who you feel can get those points you need to be successful.

For those reading this, I’m hoping most of you have not done your drafts yet, especially with all the moves still going on. Make sure you’re updated on all offseason moves Peyton Manning is now a Bronco, as if you could’ve missed that, and Peyton’s former target Pierre Garcon is now a Redskin. Also be aware of your hold out players, Maurice Jones Drew, Mike Wallace, etc. That’s why I am so against early drafts. This year will be special in the Fantasy Football world. I’m here to help you get through it, so you aren’t caught up in the matrix.

Keys to having the Greatest Show On Paper:

Turn (key): Turn to your right and your left, in your Quarterback’s shoes, look at the options he has lined up at all positions, even full back. Review anyone that’s going to give him (you) an opportunity to score points.

Latch (key): Make sure your running back has an offensive line he can latch on to. If you have a power back like Arian Foster that can penetrate holes, this isn’t as important, but for your smaller, quicker backs, they need those strong men up front. All yardage is good yardage.

Re (key): Always have enough options on your bench to rekey your line up. You have to think proactively when it comes to possible injuries. Of course you don’t want your star to get hurt, but you have to be prepared. I strongly recommended handcuffing when you draft. Handcuffing means getting your star’s back up on your bench.

Off (key): If you want to sing off key, participate in karaoke, but never draft off key. Stay in tune with your drafts picks as you’re building your line up. This includes checking every team’s bye week. I have been a victim of this early on in my Fantasy career, with all of my running backs having the same bye week. Don’t be a victim, try to harmonize your line up

Flun (key): This is a word you never want associated with you. In real life you never want to be anyone’s flunkey. In Fantasy Football land, you don’t want your weekly line up to flunk against your opponent. Putting your line up in last minute is like studying for a test last minute. Of course pay attention to game time decisions, but already have your line up set.

Alicia (keys): Happens to be one of my favorite singers, how does this pertain to Fantasy Football? Alicia wasn’t a one hit wonder, don’t be a one hit wonder in Fantasy Football. The way she puts out quality music, you can put in quality line ups. If you know a player will never see the field beyond warm ups, don’t put him in your line up as space filler. Get that 3rd down back or that slot receiver, some points are better than none.

I hope you take these “keys” I’ve given you and open the lock to success this Fantasy Football season. You can have the “Greatest Show On Paper.”


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Lizz Robbins is a model/actress and the 1st Spokesmodel for Remy Martin cognac. Lizz has appeared in King , Maxim and Jet Magazines and has made TV appearances on “The Wire”, “The West Wing” and a re-enactment on “America’s Most Wanted”. You can hear her weekly “Sports Package” every Saturday on Sirius/XM channel 46 at 6pm on “Ladies First”

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