Do You Think Terrell Owens Career Finished?

Terrell Owens was released by the Seattle Seahawks Sunday after playing in two preseason games. Now the question is will another team give him a shot or is he bound for life as a civilian?

One thing no one will ever question is whether T.O. is in shape. Even after two years off in his first game back he was able to glide by defenders and create separation, that many wondered if he could do after his knee injury. But what has failed him beyond his personality, was his hands. He only had two catches for 23 yards, and no matter the circumstance, production like that well never get the job done.

What will remain as the lasting image from T.O. will be him getting behind the Denver defense andhaving a touchdown pass go straight through his hands. It’s moments like these that he couldn’t afford to happen to him considering the perception of him is he’s a team cancer that cares about nothing other than himself. Compound that with the world knowing he had money problems and you find yourself walking a thin line that doesn’t leave you privy to leeway.

While production has rarely been a problem for him as in his last 4 full seasons he had 81, 69, 55 & 72 receptions dating back to his last two seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. However, the issue of drops has been an issue going back to this seasons. There lies the issue. While he may be able to play, and health isn’t a concern, if he can’t hold onto the ball and the people who cut the checks don’t think he’s a good teammate then he had no chance of making it.

Cold world, but that’s how it works, if your productive people will put up with your baggage. The moment it drops, becomes the very reason they use it to rid themselves of you. Allen Iverson, Chad Johnson, and many others have been dealt the same hand. While I could say really there aren’t 60 guards or receivers better than them, teams rather not deal with the spice that comes along with them.

So is T.O.’s career over, unless a team loves them some T.O. I see no need to get your popcorn ready.



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