Dolphins Joe Philbin Says It Wasn’t Just The Arrest That Got Chad Johnson Released


This is a half truth.

In hindsight, you can find multiple things to explain why you released a player. The player can’t defend himself since he has already been kicked off the team.

But, make no mistake about it Chad Johnson was released because of his arrest.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin addressed Johnson’s release in a news conference Monday.

“With any type of these decisions, it was not an easy one,” Philbin said. “It was not reactive nor was it based on one single incident.”

In the NFL there is no such thing as innocent until proven guilty.

The only thing that matters to NFL coaches and management is does the talent make it worthwhile to put up with the headache.

It is why Dez Bryant has a job and Chad is on the street now.

It isn’t fair, but neither is life. Chad knew the situation he was getting into and made a very big mistake. In the end it cost him his job.


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