Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill Thinks the Kansas City Chiefs are in the NFC East

Just because you play football doesn’t mean you are a football fan.

You may love to play, but not be that interested in the sport. I know a lot of NFL players if they are playing on a Monday or Thursday night, won’t even watch football on Sunday.

With that being said, most know the teams and divisions except Ryan Tannehill.

“I wasn’t a huge pro fan growing up; I wasn’t loyal to any one team,” said Tannehill, “so I don’t really know the divisions, and even really conferences. I know most of the conferences but some of those, I really have no clue. And they don’t make sense. You have the AFC East, and we’re freaking in the bottom of the map, and the directions don’t make any sense where the teams actually are.”

The veteran quarterback had Tannehill start with the NFC North, and gave him an assist by starting with the Green Bay Packers. Tannehill picked up the Vikings, but couldn’t remember the other two teams, listing the New York Giants before Moore scoffed at him.

He later confused the Kansas City Chiefs for an NFC East team.

All that matters is if Tannehill can remember the offense and read defenses.  That might be a much bigger struggle than wondering where the Chiefs play.