Dwight Howard Skips Out on His Own Basketball Camp After Kids Paid to Attend

Dwight Howard has been in LA for months, he could have canceled his camp well before people paid their hard earned money to attend.

Then again Dwight hasn’t made the best decisions lately.

Here are  the details.

An official for ProCamps, which runs the event, said families who paid the camp’s $199 registration fee were sent e-mail messages Monday to inform them Howard will remain in southern California in order to continue rehabilitating his back.

Howard’s annual camp originally was scheduled for July 1-2 at UCF, with Howard slated to attend both days. But it was postponed and later rescheduled for Aug. 13-14 at Orlando Volleyball Academy.

The ProCamps official said campers will receive a Howard autograph, a ticket to a Magic home game and a gift bag from adidas, which sponsors Howard.

If Dwight Howard can go to Dodgers games I think he could have taken a couple of days out to talk to some kids, but it is clear that Howard only cares about himself these days.

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