Dwyane Wade Says Lebron is on Michael Jordan’s Level

I find it humorous that people are acting like Lebron hasn’t been the best player in the NBA for almost four years now. It hasn’t even been a question for anyone who actually watches basketball more than they do Skip Bayless.

He didn’t need a championship to confirm he was a great player, he needed a championship to start being mentioned wit the legendary players.

Unfortunately, people overreact to everything. The same people who were calling Lebron a scrub are now putting him in the same sentence as Jordan.

This isn’t a surprising we are a society that likes to jump on bandwagons.

Here is what D Wade had to say about the leader of the Heat.

With a ring, three MVPs and a whole bunch of other achievements under LeBron James’ belt, many are already saying that he can possibly catch Michael Jordan as the greatest NBA player of all-time.

Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade says James is already on the level, but the debate seems premature.

“He’s on that level,” Wade told Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, “but he has a lot more to do to get there. I think he understands he has an unbelievable opportunity to be one of the greatest to play this game. But that’s when he gets done playing, he can say that.

“Right now, he has so much more to cover in his career. He’s just getting started at the same time when Michael kind of just got started. We’ll see how it all shakes out. I hope it shakes out the same way. I’ll be a very happy man.”

Wade makes some solid points.

It took Jordan 7 years to get a ring and it took Lebron 9, but Lebron came into league earlier, so they are on the same track in that regard.

Lebron is only 27 years old, if he stays motivated and focus on creating a legacy he has a good 10 years left to make his mark.

Ten years is a long time and a lot of things can happen in a decade, so we should just relax, drink a Capri Sun and enjoy the ride.

4 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade Says Lebron is on Michael Jordan’s Level

  • You do realize basketball is a team sport or maybe you don’t. I’m sick of you media types from the ‘Be like Mike’ era acting like he can’t be mentioned with MJ cause he only won 1 ring. MJ scored 63 on the ’86 Celtics and lost!!! He couldn’t beat any of the great teams from the 80’s which is why it took him till the ’90’s to win and oh yeah he still needed another great player ala Scottie Pippen to win, just like he needed Worthy in ’82. Lebron is guarding 1 through 5 and is a walking triple double!!! What more do you need to se to be convinced he is better? He does’t have to win another championship for me, because I know basketball is a team sport!!!

    • Worthy was already at UNC, 2yrs older than Mike and he had no championship and neither did Dean Smith! When Mike arrived on campus as a freshman they WON the NCAA title…so your Worthy point was pointless! You obviously don’t like Mike or never saw him play because LBJ has much to do!bqj

  • …and MIKE WAS NEVER EVER GARBAGE IN THE FINALS….NEVER EVER like LBJ was against Dallas…so if you wanna bring up Mike droppin 63 and losing then I’m sure you’ll honor that incredibly sad display from last years Finals…that is a stain on LBJs resume that Mike doesn’t have….6 for 6 with 6 Finals MVPs (LBJ was 2 in the hole before he won his 1st…stats are stats and facts are facts)…wait a few years before you make another case! It’s not fair to LBJ right now…

  • @bqj PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100% cosign

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