Eli Manning Says Giants Are Not a Dynasty

It is good to know that at least one quarterback in the NFC East knows the definition of a dynasty. Eli who has two more rings than any other quarterback in the division and doesn’t seem to have a problem with sticking his foot in his mouth like the others.

Maybe that is the reason he has those two rings.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning was asked on NFL AM whether the Giants are a dynasty, and after first trying to avoid even talking about his team on those terms, he eventually answered directly: No, the Giants are not a dynasty.

“No, no, we’re not,” Manning said. “We had a little break — the two years prior to last year we didn’t make the playoffs. We’ve got work to do. We have good players on this team, we have the potential to be a playoff team and to make a run once we get into the playoffs. It’s a matter of going out there and proving that, and everybody going out there and playing to their level of play. That’s what our challenge is, and we know each year if you don’t come out and give it your all and play to the best of your ability you’re not going to win football games. So we’ve got to maximize our talents.”

See how easy it is to make a clear statement on a loaded question and not back yourself in a corner.

Unless you are winning multiple championships in a short period of time, other teams in the NFC East should stick to talking about Glory Holes and taking advice from the President and chill on the Dynasty talk.

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