Evelyn Lozada Cancels Public Appearances; Doesn’t Want to Speak to Media

There are two questions that everyone wants answered.

Did Evelyn strike Chad Johnson first?

How can Evelyn take a stand on Domestic Violence and urge Chad Johnson to get help when she has a long history of violent incidents and bullying behavior?


Doesn’t look like we will be getting an answer to either of those any time soon.

Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada is not ready to face the public following her brutal break-up with Chad Johnson … so she cancelled all her upcoming public appearances, TMZ has learned

we’re told Evelyn is not ready to deal with the questions the public will ask regarding the domestic violence incident and divorce … so she pulled the plug on all the engagements.

4 thoughts on “Evelyn Lozada Cancels Public Appearances; Doesn’t Want to Speak to Media

  • A ploy that her lawyer told her to do because if she answers anything the wrong way she would lose some public support.

    • You are so correct. Her lawyer shut her down. He does not want her to explain to anyone in the media about her violent past. It would be used in court (and will be used anyway in court)…

  • Um, I didn’t read the police report in full so maybe someone can answer the following: did Chad admit to being hit first in the report? If not, then why does Evelyn have to answer to that? Logically, wouldn’t Chad have told the police that he was hit first instead of, as reported second hand, claiming the head-butting was accident. That’s why the police give both sides the opportunity to be heard. And Chad chose to claim he head-butted her by accident not that he reacted after being hit first. If Chad had claimed he was hit first, the police would’ve examined him for bruises and then walked back over to catch Evelyn slipping in a lie. The police have no dog in the hunt when it comes to domestic situations especially when they get so many calls on this and a lot of the alleged victims like Dez Bryant’s mama end up recanting their stories. I hated Evelyn’s bullying/battering “character” on BBW but I could’ve sworn that her targets were other women (not right, mind you). Chad plays a sport that pays (gives bounties) for hitting (or injuring) other men. Should I make the huge leap that all football players are walking threats to women?

  • you are chad friend so it would be ridiculous to say these 2 sides of the story ideas. you should have someone else on your staff report these stories because you are obviously bias.

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