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Evelyn Lozada Files for Divorce from Chad Johnson

by Robert Littal | Posted on Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
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Bernard Hopkins once told me very bluntly once………

“No matter how high on the mountain you are, you will never be high enough, there will always be people looking to push you off.”

Chad Johnson in terms of popularity was one of the most popular athletes around, but it only took one minor push to have his who world crashing down.

He is out of a job, no reality show, his freedom is in jeopardy and during a time you would hope your wife who claims she is “about that life” would be there for you, she has decided to file for divorce.

Evelyn Lozada filed legal docs moments ago in Florida, claiming her marriage is “irretrievably broken.”

According to the divorce docs, the couple had a prenup — but that won’t be a big deal since the marriage was shorter than Kim Kardashian’s.

Hard lesson to be learned, regardless of whose  fault it was for the head butting, when you enter into a marriage in the spotlight, you have to be sure the person you are with can handle the shine.

Because in the end the life Evelyn is about was just her own.


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  1. the don says:

    I wonder if she is going to get any money? hmmmm

  2. Bill says:

    Unfortunately there are still men who think they can screw everything in sight, have babies with multiple women, be a father figure to none and think that is all OK. Too bad this woman wasn’t smart enough to see that. TAKE NOTE WOMEN: Professional athletes have been told all their lives that they are great and can do no wrong and that produces heartless people with no regard for the word honor and responsibility.

  3. Kel says:

    Bill…in re: to your statement about Pro Athletes, not all cheat and womanize. I’m not saying Chad is in the clear here, but if you knew the history of his wife and her violent streak, I’m sure you wouldn’t be so quick to judge…it’s not just women who aren’t smart enough to see that. And Chad has always been a father figure to his kids and she told him he could “screw everything in sight” so long as he told her. To say he’s heartless and irresponsible, I’m sure his name would’ve been sullied a lot earlier in his career.

    • Joyce says:

      Kel, I did not read your comment until after I made my comment. However, I agree the comments from you and Bill to a degree, women have a habit of thinking that men are going to change because that’s what we want to believe. A woman in my opinion gives her all; however, the fact that Evelyn had a conversation with Chad on national TV about having sex with other women; who wants to know openly that their spouse or lover is having sex with someone else; that’s crazy. Relationships, not just marriages is a commitment. Bill, bottom line in my opinion, Evelyn was clearly a “Gold Digger”, she not dumb. Athletes are no different from any other man or woman. Evelyn had to much of a temper to even agree with that nonsense. Have a great day!

  4. Joyce Daniels says:

    Evelyn, should get with Tina for some coaching as they are both “Gold Diggers.” After Evelyn’s many leaps and uncontrollable temper on “Basketball Wives” (never understood why she was on the show anyway, she was just a groupie)I can believe that she did attack Chad first. It is in our nature, especially when we are dumb enough to agree with outside affairs. While I do not believe in domestic violence Evelyn should have kept her hands to herself. She was to old to be trying to play the game. Evelyn has a lack of class anyway. I hope that she does not receive any money, and I hope that she grows up and stop being a “Bully”, because she is. True friends generally share information with you that you think you are above hearing, now Evelyn and Jennifer should reunite as she already knew the outcome; and so did the so called sisterhood (Tina, with her low class attitude)that is sitting there laughing at her. I guess we are at the famous words “God don’t like ulgy”, and truly what goes around comes around!!!!

  5. Candi says:

    Who writes this Bullshit!!!! This MF headbutted her caused her physical hard and your dumb ass has the nerve to say she is about herself and she should be there for him because he lost his fuckin job….ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME that is completely STUPID!!! she is doing what she is suppose to do he should be lucky he still breathing and all she did was file for divorce. He is a poor excuse for a man and a loser just like the moron that wrote the article.

  6. meek says:

    I think it is pretty crazy for this writer to imply that Evelyn should be sticking by her husband after he hit her with his head and she found evidence of him cheating. Is that what is being said or is it just me?

  7. nb says:

    writer of artlcle= silly cunt

  8. Mai says:

    It’s Chad’s fault, he put his whole/only career on the line for this chick, now dude doesn’t have ole girl or a career 12 yrs down the damn drain for what? Both of them can smoke/kick rocks tired of them both.

  9. Ayre says:

    Chad is the writer\site owner’s friend and quite possibly his silent partner here, and I knew once everything started crumbling for Chad, Rob would get in his feelings. So biased and unprofessional.

  10. Tone says:

    Does anyone watch Basketball Wives??!! If you do, then Evelyn has a lot of fuckin nerve bitchin’ as many times as she’s throwing bottles; glasses; and whatever else her punk ass can get her hands on. She has fought repeatedly on the show claiming people “ain’t bout that life” and punched people starting fights on her own! She was the same person telling Erica NOT to press charges on a girl who whopped her ass on the show, but yet she’s out pressing charges on Chad. I’m not condoning any man laying hands on a woman, but Evelyn’s character is suspect & I would allow the judicial system to take its course before I jump on her side.

  11. Lakecia says:

    If I didnt watch the show and if I didnt know the athlete she dated for 10yrs before Chad and if she was any other woman I would be on her side. Watching the show where she bullied other women (assaulted them way more than she was assaulted)and jumped down there throat for pressing charges its hard to feel bad for her.

    Even if her act was for the show she promotes the behavior and fool many into thinking that its okay to “be about that life.”

    Also she told him its okay to sleep with other women and she would even go get the condoms. It was all good until he appeared to be on the decline from the Ocho we once knew.

    Also the event happen Saturday, He was cut on Monday, She filed for divorce on Tuesday. She had Saturday, Sunday, Monday to file but she filed after he got Cut.

    She didnt leave over the headbutt, she left bc his appear that his career was on a decline. Same thing she did to Antoine Walker when his pockets and career was on the decline.

    She is about that life as long as you can offer her money and fame. Other than that she is gone.

    If it was any other women I would side with her but bc its Evelyn…this chick is clearly a groupie gold digger

    • Joyce says:

      Lakecia, I am so happy that someone else sees the games that this group of groupies and gold diggers are and have played. I watched the show and believe me the whole group is caddie and places their madness on a different scale. It is sad, because it makes it bad for people who are sincerely looking for commitments and not money.

      Have a great day!

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