Evelyn Lozada Informs Police She Wants to Press Charges Against Chad Johnson



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Married on July 4th, pressing charges for Domestic Violence on August 12th.

More evidence that Derek Jeter has the right plan and all the other athletes have the wrong plan.

Beyond the “he said, she said” version of events, the most notable part of the report is that Lozada told the police she wanted to press charges. She signed an affidavit saying so.

The Dolphins officially released Chad Johnson.

You get in bed with a star from the Basketball Wives, you can’t be surprise when she turns on you.

Lozada who has a violent history and according to Chad Johnson she attacked him.  No one knows really knows the true story except Lozada and Johnson.


  1. “turns on you”? *side eye*

    you write this as if she is wrong for pressing charges and just be a good little lady and stand behind your man and let him get away with the assault that she says happened.

    regardless if she is a reality show low rider (as if he isn’t also), violence should not be taken lightly.

    • You assume that his version of events is wrong and hers is right. In any case, you cannot ignore her history. It should not be held against her, but it cannot be ignored.

  2. I don’t condone violence either. But, when you are on a show, taking off your shoes, jumping across tables, screaming you are a non mutha f’n factor to other grown women, while throwing champagne and glasses….my sympathy is non existent.

  3. She has a history of violence and that has been documented that she attacks first without a reason to. Her TV antics have shown she attack people on “he said, she said” throwings bottles and flying across tables. She is known for stretching the truth. She threw away a 14 year friendship because of her twisted lies and her jealousies. I would not believe anything that came out of her mouth unless it was shown on tape. I believe she jumped her crazy self across the seat to attack him and hit her head on his which cause the head-but.

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