Evelyn Lozada’s Friend Says Chad Johnson Was Abusive; Doesn’t Speak on Evelyn’s Past


I am not saying Evelyn’s friend is lying, but we have to acknowledge these are Evelyn’s friends……

We have a credibility issue going on here. It is very difficult to take Evelyn and Evelyn’s friends seriously when they refuse to acknowledge that Evelyn herself has a violent history.

This isn’t some docile woman we are talking about.

“Chad has been abusive towards Evelyn basically from the beginning of their relationship,” a source close to the couple said.

“Chad doesn’t like Evelyn’s party lifestyle and it made his anger worsen. He hated the way she acted on TV and would often lash out at her for any little thing.”

“Chad and Evelyn’s marriage was volatile in nature and a mistake from the start,” the pal said.

“He [Chad] went off the scale at her once because he was tired of having Evelyn’s friends, like her assistant and stuff, living in his house.”

The friend says the relationship was volatile, but never specifically says that Chad ever hit Evelyn. Also, it would be a little naive to think the volatile nature of their relationship was one-sided.

The friend could be telling the truth or she could just be telling one side of the story.

Whatever the case maybe, until Evelyn stars acknowledging her violent past, it will be difficult to see her as a the face of the domestic violence movement.

If Chad Johnson did physically assault her he should be punished, but please don’t insult our intelligence in regard to the woman he was married to.


  1. The part about Chad “going off the scale at her once because he was tired of having Evelyn’s friends, like her assistant and stuff, living in his house” is funny to me. No $hit! Who wouldn’t be? Was this “friend” one of the ones Chad got pissed off about?

  2. Evelyn was one of the most violent and abusive people on TV. It is so hard for me to feel sorry for her. Plus I feel like there is a chunk of the story that is missing. If Chad did hit her he needs to be punished. But at the same time she is the same woman who says she cant control her mouth, jumped on tables and threw wine bottles. As a woman and abuse survivor, its so hard for me to feel sorry for her because if her nature that has been televised season after season

  3. Yeah it amazes me that she could come out the mouth and say that Chad needs help when based on last seasons BBW she apparently needs help also. I NEED her to acknowledge her violent past. I also fault Chad…after last season of BBW he should have put the nuptials on hold or canceled them. I felt she would push him to this point…but not this soon after getting married.

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