FBI Investigating Possible Jerry Sandusky Pedophile Ring With Men Attached to PSU

Just when you though it couldn’t get any worse, this information comes out. As I have said many times this was much better than Penn State Football.

This was a fail on the entire University and anyone who was aware of Sandusky’s actions and didn’t do anything to stop it.

Both the FBI and a criminal investigative division of the United States Postal Service are looking into the possible existence of a pedophile ring that involved Sandusky sharing boys with other men connected to Penn State. Sandusky was recently convicted on 45 counts of child sexual abuse.

“Investigators have interviewed at least one man who claims to have knowledge of Sandusky and a very prominent man, with strong ties to Penn State, both sexually abusing a boy,” a source familiar with the situation told RadarOnline.com.

Criminal investigators from the United States Postal Inspectors are involved because sexual material involving underage boys may have been transmitted through the mail. The source says that the postal service seems to be leading this investigation, although Radar has not confirmed that information.

“The new investigation is also looking at if boys from the Second Mile charity were shared by Sandusky with other men,” the source told RadarOnline.com. “The name of at least one very rich and powerful man connected to the university has come up in this new investigation.”

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  • Thank you Robert, for having the courage to publish this information. True sportsmen must speak up so that this investigation is continued until all the perpetrators are discovered. Where there is unfettered access to vulnerable children such crimes occur because all those involved in the crimes believe themselves too big to fail.

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