Floyd Mayweather Granted Early Release From Jail


Mayweather will have spent about 2 months in jail on a 90 day bid.

As long as he didn’t do anything crazy in jail this was the time he was expected to be released.  He will be a free man by the weekend.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is due for release from a Las Vegas jail by the weekend after serving two months in a domestic battery case.

Records show the 35-year-old undefeated champion is due for release Friday from the Clark County Detention Center.

Las Vegas police Officer Jose Hernandez said Wednesday that Mayweather was granted time off his 90-day sentence for work and good behavior.

Curious to see if that time spent behind bars changed his perspective on anything. It is possible if he wants to fight he could be in the ring in November or December, most likely he will sit out the rest of the year.


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